07 Jan

New Mixtape

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17 Apr

2020 Musings

The world is in a weird place right now, millions dealing with being locked down, emergency workers facing sickness and potentially fatal infections day after day, and our prayers go out to everyone affected, wherever they might be. On the flipside, those of of in lockdown suddenly find ourselves at a loose end. As a […]

21 Feb

Across the Universe is Go!

After two and a half years, and 10 events featuring our “Best of” event “Saving Me”, we are pleased to announce a brand new version of theREIGN’s flagship Rock Eucharist event. Called Across the Universe after the Beatles song of the same name, the focus this time is on how God can somehow be the […]

RE4 in London
13 Aug

Apologies – Updated

Hi All, Just a quick note to apologise for anyone who has experienced difficulties with the site over the last few weeks. A recent update seems to have upset how the theme works, hence it looks a little funky at the moment, and I am investigating an update to the whole look of the site […]

17 Apr

Upcoming Events

theREIGN have been very quiet in recent months, which has been slightly frustrating, but at the same time extremely useful, as my career change from Financial Services to School Teacher has taken up a lot of time and, truth be told, having the space to concentrate on that has been vital. As I try and […]

29 Aug

A Half Century of REs

First of all, just a brief note to apologise for all fans of theREIGN for the lack of updates here in quite some time. Simply put, life sometimes gets in the way and for various reasons, including but not limited to the final year or so of my degree, I just haven’t given the site […]

RE number 50
26 Jan

Come On And Celebrate 2

We are delighted to announce that theREIGN’s 10th birthday concert, postponed in November 2012 has been re-arranged for Saturday 9 March 2013, at St Barnabas’ Church in Swanland, beginning at 6:30pm. Just like the original plan, musical support will be provided by local acoustic duo, Living Hope, and several former members of the band will […]