17 Apr

2020 Musings

The world is in a weird place right now, millions dealing with being locked down, emergency workers facing sickness and potentially fatal infections day after day, and our prayers go out to everyone affected, wherever they might be.

On the flipside, those of of in lockdown suddenly find ourselves at a loose end. As a teacher, I find I have very little time to sit down, write some songs, make some music, post to this website, or even keep it up to date, whereas right now I have plenty of time to do that, alongside setting work for my students to complete at home. Weird.

Musically, it has been interesting. I am involved with my main church by videoing a couple of songs each week for their YouTube service, and at the same time recording selections of worship songs to keep another church’s WhatsApp group supplied with a song a day.

And this evening I rode with Geraint Thomas through Central Park, New York for two hours. In my living room. Weird.

What I am doing is a small drop in the ocean, and is trivial compared to our keyworkers, who are keeping the world spinning while keeping us safe and supplied, but like everyone I will try to do what I can to help.

I hope this note finds you all safe and well. Enjoy the site, and all the free music available from here, and hopefully before too long, theREIGN can get back out there and share our music with you in person.

Every blessing,


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