08 Sep

The Countdown Continues

Two days to go, so here is a taster of Saturday evening’s concert of two halves.

The first half of the event will be a straightforward celebration of 96 featuring the “old” lineup plus Richard on piano who doesn’t play on the album but joined us before the latest lineup changes (confused yet?).

The second half will be an introduction to the “new” lineup of theREIGN, featuring Rob Peirson on lead guitar and Simon Redfern on drums (sadly, you will still have to listen to David droning on from the microphone but you can’t have everything). This half will also feature the world premieres of three brand new songs to kick start the new era in style.

And for our grand finale, the “massed bands” of theREIGN will be taking to the stage all together: two drummers, two pianists, two lead guitarists and so on. It might be brilliant, or it might be chaos … hopefully it will be both!

Whatever it is, though, it will be fun. See you there.

Every blessing,

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