30 Mar

Mega-Update Introduction

Having become something of a failure in terms of keeping this site updated over the last several months, I think the time has come to bring the whole thing up to speed and let everyone know what is going on in theREIGN universe at this moment in time. I have decided to split this up into three parts for easy digestion:

Part 1: The Past
Part 2: The Present
Part 3: The Future

These will be posted over the next several days and by the end of it there will be no excuse for anyone not knowing where theREIGN is at the moment.

As always, we are thankful for the support and prayers of all of our fans and interested bystanders, and would ask you to please hold all of the issues raised in the Mega-Update in your thoughts and prayers as there are some scary and exciting things happening at the moment.

And so … on with the updates.

Every blessing,

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