01 Nov

End of an Era!

It is with sadness that we have to announce the imminent departure of lead guitarist Paul Ganney from theREIGN’s lineup. Having come towards the end of the projects we was working on with the NHS locally, he hass been offered (and accepted) the opportunity to head up a department at University College Hospital in London.

Naturally, Rock Eucharist minister, Rachel, will likewise make the move to the big smoke, taking over as team Vicar for a church within site of Upton Park … something sure to test a couple who are Manchester United and Arsenal supporters respectively.

Rachel will lead her final Rock Eucharist on Friday 19 November 2010 at St Hilda’s Church in Greatfield, Hull, while Paul is expected to make his final appearance with the band two days later, in the RE event at Holy Trinity, Barrow upon Humber.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to share theREIGN’s ministry with Paul and Rachel over the last several years, particularly bearing in mind that Paul originally only joined us to play in one gig (that never actually happened) and 5 and half years later, he is still around. They leave with our heartfelt thanks for all they have brought to us, and our utmost good wishes and prayers for the future.

I feel certain that it won’t be long before Paul finds somewhere to play his guitar!

At this point, a replacement minister is alrady in place for the upcoming RE events (see the RE Blog for further details), but we are still seeking a replacement lead guitarist.

We would value your prayers for this vacancy to be filled as soon as possible, otherwise I will have to get my electric guitar out … and, trust me, no one wants that.

Every blessing,

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