01 Apr

Of REs and Open Air Worship

OK, enough of this talk about server moves, social networking sites and dressing up your web browser, it is time to get back to talking about what theREIGN is really all about, namely holding open the door for God’s people to join them in worshipping Him.

2010 has been very exciting so far, and there promises more excitement (and blessing) to come over the next few months.

Our Spring schedule has seen the debut of new skin-basher (sorry for the technical term) Kev Sargeson, and he has slotted in incredibly well, allowing us to fly into our RE3 events seamlessly from where we left off back in November. He seems to be enjoying life with us as well, so praise and thanks to the Lord for bringing us all together.

Having now completed four of the five RE events of this season, I think we have to proclaim ourselves satisfied with the way it has gone. The event at St John’s on 11 April promises to be a good one to lay the event to rest for the Summer, as we have a small surprise up our sleeves for anyone too familiar with RE3!

The reception we have received from the churches has been tremendous, they have all been extremely welcoming, hospitable and extremely supportive of what we are doing … they have also been willing to cart equipment around the place to help us out, which is a genuine blessing.

Finishing the RE season, though, gives us no rest for the time being. First up, on 4 April, we are privileged to have been invited to lead worship for East Hull Easter Praise. With the central City Hall event not taking place this year, St Aidan’s is one of the churches picking up the slack and running a celebration event and having rehearsed so much there this year it really does feel, to some extent, like coming home. The big advantage of that is that we know the way the church sounds and feels, and can just let ourselves go in worship. Personally, I am really looking forward to it.

Beyond that, a fun evening beckons at Victoria Dock on 15 May where we help them support Christian Aid week by providing music for their talent night … whether we are there as an example or a warning remains to be seen.

We then take theREIGN outside (for the first time) on 23 May as we lead worship in Valley Gardens in Withernsea for a worship and outreach event for the evangelical churches in the town. 2:00pm start if you fancy some open air worship by the seaside. Again, an event I am really looking forward to as it is always a joy to come together in worship.

And finally before the Summer recess, the band will be helping lead guitarist Paul Ganney celebrate 20 years as a Church of England reader at his home church in Victoria Dock on the morning of 20 June.


Fortunately, we then get a couple of months respite before we pick up with a concert in Barrow and an Autumn RE season that already has three confirmed bookings for November. Should be enough time to get RE4 written at least.

Your prayers woudl be greatly valued for any and all of these events, the churches hosting them and the people taking part, Christian or otherwise, and as always if you would like to add to our “burden” you know where to find us.

Incidentally … looking back over the blog archive I notice that I have previously outlined the music used in both RE1 and RE2 but have not done so yet for RE3. I have now put that right, below.

Every blessing,

Songs (or part songs) used in RE3: Though We Are Many
Eye Of The Tiger (Sullivan/Peterick), Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow (Piercy/Clifton), Pride (In The Name Of Love) (U2), Starlight (Muse), Happy Day (Hughes), I Believe (Thornton/Gay), Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble (Smith), We Are One (Cooper), Bohemian Like You (Taylor-Taylor), Jesus Be The Centre (Frye), Sanctified (Cooper), In Christ Alone (Townsend), Livin’ On A Prayer (Bon Jovi/Sambora/Child), Father God, I Wonder (Smale), Layla (Clapton/Gordon), Chasing Cars (Lightbody), Give Thanks To The Lord (Reeves/Tomlin), Praise Is Rising (Brown), Unchanging (Tomlin) + various riffs slotted around and about.

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