22 Dec

Video Added

If you head on over to the Music page, you will find a brand new live video available for viewing (via our brand new YouTube Channel). This file can also be downloaded from the TFKM Website. This video is the first recording of a full live song performance that we have made available, but we […]

10 Nov

RE 2009 Tour Taking Shape

Well, it’s not really a tour, as such, but three Communion On The Rocks events across three counties in a four week period certainly gets the band closer than we have ever been before to undertaking an actual tour. Starting off at Holy Trinity Church, Barrow on Humber on Sunday evening 8 February 2009 with […]

20 Oct

Events Update

It has been really gratifying in recent weeks to see our vision for theREIGN as a worship resource for the use of churches in our local area bearing fruit. In addition to last Friday’s brilliant East Hull Praise event at St Aidan’s church, we have now been asked to provide some music for the Marfleet […]

24 Sep

Have Fun!

If you head on over to the Extras page, we have added some nifty Java jigsaw puzzles to keep you amused. There are three to pick from featuring the CD covers from Sing and Where Jesus Touches The Earth (both 36 pieces) and the current Home Page photo featuring the Greenbelt 2008 Rock Eucharist in […]

02 Sep

Greenbelt … part the second

The dust has settled, feedback absorbed and sleep (mostly) caught up on, so I finally feel ready to comment on our third Greenbelt experience. We had an earlier start time than last year (10:00pm) which was a good thing in itself, but put us up against Michael Franti and Spearhead on mainstage, which gave me […]

02 Sep

New Gallery Pictures

theREIGN’s photo gallery has undergone a significant update, with pictures added from a number of recent events, namely, the July concert at Barrow Upon Humber, the Rock Eucharist and Spontaneous Worship at Greenbelt and the FunDay at St Peter’s Church, Bilton over the weekend. We have also slightly tweaked the gallery setup to include a […]