15 Sep

Site Updates

The website has been updated to feature the band’s new logo (now that the transition of lineups has been concluded and 96 unleashed on the public), as well as the correct, current lineup. Pictures of the new members will follow as soon as the photos from the launch concert have been sifted through.

09 Sep

One Day To Go …

… and one more thing to remember. As previously noted, 96 is going to be available from the TKFM Store as a CD and download. However, the download will not contain everything on the album.

07 Sep

Countdown to ’96’

The countdown to the release of our brand new live album is rapidly reaching an end, the setlist for the launch concert is finalised, the lineups are in place, setup organised, so with three days to go here are three facts about 96.

11 Aug

’96’ Launch Concert

As previously noted, theREIGN is pleased to announce the release of their live album “96” on Saturday 10 September 2011, with a concert at St Barnabas Church in Swanland.

27 Jun

“96” Is Coming …

theREIGN are delighted to announce that their live album 96 will be launched with a very special concert on the evening of Saturday 10th September 2011 at St Barnabas Church in Swanland. The concert will also mark the final passing of the baton to the new lineup, with both Kev Sargeson and Paul Ganney making […]