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Where Jesus Touches the Earth

Written by: David Cooper

Catalogue Number: TFK005CD

theREIGN’s second studio album is distinctly different from its predecessor. Whilst songs such as Song of Love and I Will Love You follow the path of individual and corporate worship begun by their debut, others such as Prodigal, Charcoal Skies and the title track are very much performance oriented and focussed more on the band’s faith and how it interacts with the world. You can listen to the songs using the player below, and open the boxes for additional information and reviews.

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Trev Gregory, MissionNow, Jun 2006

Received your new CD today and this by FAR is your best yet. You’ve not only matured musically, but there is a depth of spiritual maturity which surpasses not only all your other albums, but also many other albums and worship songs around. You have certainly developed the sound of ‘the reign’ which is varied and within the range and scope of the voices and musical abilities and genre of its members. Also, it’s encouraging to hear some ‘we’ songs and not just the same old same old individualistic ego-centric ‘it’s all about me, so bless me.’ I’m sure that as these songs move people and congregations out of their individualistic ‘I’ generated and centred bubble existence, they will be able to see the Lord of the Whole Universe and not just of their small patch. The way you have weaved personal devotion to a global and eternal context is refreshing and again smacks of your growing maturity spiritually. All in all a great album and one which lifts the soul to sore above me and not just into the arms of God, but within His sight line to see His world as He experiences and see it. Well done.

Howard Dobson, The Good News, Sep 2006

Some churches have full worship bands but some don’t – this is why The Reign, fronted by singer/songwriter David Cooper, puts so much effort into performing around Yorkshire to give more congregations access to lively modern worship. Full of praise and commitment, the songs on The Reign’s second studio album, Where Jesus Touches the Earth, have plenty of energy and enthusiasm – whilst retaining an element of raw musicianship. One of the best, O Come to the Table, invites the listener to discover more about Christ: “O come now to Calvary, see how He dies. Fulfilling the promise of God the Most High.” In Prodigal, gentle harmonies sit alongside attractive acoustic guitar: “I thought that you were in control but I still tried to do it all.” This album summarises the latest chapter in Cooper’s songwriting – and includes a nice reworking of When I Survey – and some of the songs and themes will definitely earn ‘repeat’ status on car and home stereos.

Musicians & Production Credits

theREIGN are …

Ivan Carruthers (Drums), David Cooper (Vocals & Acoustic Guitar), Kathryn Cooper (Vocals), Phil Gray (Acoustic Guitar), Paul Ganney (Electric Guitar), Barbara Osbourne (Vocals), John Osbourne (Bass Guitar), Jemma Phillipson (Vocals), Simon Reeves (Piano & Keyboard)

Special Guest

Jane Sargeson (Saxaphone: track 1)

Production Credits

Produced by Dave Cartwright & theREIGN

Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by Dave Cartwright

Post Production by Jon Blamire @ The Digital Audio Co.

Photography & Design by Mark Pierce