04 Mar

Album Page Completed

As the rebuilding of the site continues apace, we are pleased to confirm that work on Where Jesus Touches The Earth has been completed and all files are now in place.

As a result, you can listen to a 30-40 second snippet of each song from the music player on the album page, and purchase each individual song as mp3 files for download, as well as the full album as a single download (which saves a little money over buying each song individually as well). We have revamped the format of our album pages, and used drop down boxes for some of the content, in order to give greater prominence to the music itself.

Let us know what you think of the new style and if you have any issues with the page, or the purchasing process, please let us know.

Please note … you need to have Java enabled in your web browser to use the music player and purchasing options.

Every blessing,

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