08 Mar

96 Page Completed

As we continue to update bits and pieces on the site, we are happy to confirm that the album page for 96, our 2011 live CD has been completed. You can buy the downloadable version of the album direct from the page, or link through to buy a copy of the album on CD. You can also buy individual mp3 files for any of the songs that you want right here on the site. We have also uploaded a 30-40 second snippet of each song to whet your appetite.

Please note that for licensing reasons (i.e. the licence insists) we are not able to sell copies of the songs not written by David Cooper as downloads, only on physical media, so you will have to buy the CD for those. This, however, is not a bad idea, even if it is slightly more expensive than buying the download.

In addition to the inclusion of all 12 tracks, there are some videos and worship resources also on the disk, as well as a couple of bonus tracks provided as mp3 files.

Enjoy … and if you find anything broken, please let us know.

Every blessing,

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