09 Sep

One Day To Go …

… and one more thing to remember.

As previously noted, 96 is going to be available from the TKFM Store as a CD and download. However, the download will not contain everything on the album.

As the album includes songs written by others (a total of 8 if you count the bonus MP3s and 9 if you also include the videos), we have had to purchase a licence to release the recording at all, but the terms of that licence require that we only make the copyrighted songs available in physical format. This is because the licence restricts the number of copies we can make available and, obviously, we cannot control the number of downloads.

This means that the album download available from the store only contains the following songs and additional material:

Charcoal Skies
Song Of Love
Thank You
I Love The Rain
Never Failing Love
Praise His Name
House Of Worship
Where Jesus Touches The Earth

Additional Material
Never Failing Love (video)
Lyric Sheets
Chord Charts
Sheet Music

The price for the album download reflects the reduced level of content but, for the full effect, you really do need to buy the CD.

Just so you know.

Every blessing,

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