07 Sep

Countdown to ’96’

The countdown to the release of our brand new live album is rapidly reaching an end, the setlist for the launch concert is finalised, the lineups are in place, setup organised, so with three days to go here are three facts about 96.

1. This is no ordinary CD

For the first time, we have moved beyond the straightforward Audio CD format, and 96 has been produced as a CD-Extra. This format allows for both audio and data files to be used on the same disc and have the disc play the audio normally in a standard CD player. In addition to 13 great audio tracks, the album features four additional songs (three of which are sung as a medley) as mp3 files and some videos of theREIGN playing live around the country.

2. This is more than just our own songs

Over the years we have often been asked whether there were recordings of more worship oriented material. In releasing 96 we have taken the opportunity to include some of the most powerful worship songs the church has at its disposal written by the likes of Robin Mark, Chris Tomlin and Tim Hughes. In addition, there are a couple of treats for fans of our secular covers.

3. The booklet has no lyric sheet

Rather than reproduce the song words as part of the booklet, we have instead included comments from members (and one ex-member) of the band summarising their feelings about the songs. Lyric sheets are, however, available in the data folders on the disc.

We hope to see you on Saturday for the launch, but if you can’t make it you can buy 96 on CD or (partial) download from the TFKM Store.

Every blessing,

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