26 Aug

Greenbelt … part the first

Having just returned this afternoon from the Greenbelt festival, I want to try and catch up on at least a little of my lost sleep before putting fingers to keys for a full roundup of my thoughts on another successful foray into the GB worship programme.

That said, one small aspect deserves its own small place in the (Rising) sun before I do that.

As I have outlined in recent communication, we were involved with the festival’s “Spontaneous Worship” programme, whereby a number of groups were charged with setting up and leading a short act of worship in various parts of the festival village over the course of the weekend. For our part, we decided to lead our slot (around 10:45 on Saturday morning) with a Lite version of our Communion on the Rocks event, consisting of 4 songs, a Bible reading and the Eucharistic prayer.

The site allocated to us was the main resource tent (called G-Source), but due to a combination of factors including, but not limited to, the reluctance of the venue managers and the great weather, we actually held it outside G-Source, which just happened to be slap bang in the middle of the main thoroughfare for those entering the festival through the main gate rather than from the campsite.

Many people joined us to share communion, and of those that didn’t many did pass by singing along with the songs and joining in to some degree. Offical Greenbelt Photographer Elaine Duigenan took a number of pictures of the event that have now found their way into the official Greenbelt Flickr albums. The individual photos can be found here:

The offical Greenbelt Flickr album can be found by clicking here, and the specific album containing the photos of the RELte can be found by clicking here.

This was a really enjoyable way to begin the first full day of the festival, especially as we avoided the technical pitfalls of the night before (of which more in part the second).

Every blessing,

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