Sing to the Lord, a new song.
Sing to the Lord, all the Earth

Psalm 96

Who are theREIGN

theREIGN are one of Yorkshire's Premier Praise and Worship bands. Celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2012, our signature event is the Rock Eucharist ... a traditional Anglican communion service allied with lively modern worship, some of our own material and a selection of classic and modern rock motifs from the likes of Nirvana, U2, Queen, Blur and Jimi Hendrix (among others).

These events have been extremely well received from London in the South to Warrington and Billingham in the North, as well as twice packing them in at the Greenbelt Christian Festival in 2007 and 2008.


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91 De La Pole Avenue, Hull, HU3 6RD
07747 603263

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Latest Articles

Apologies – Updated

Hi All, Just a quick note to apologise for anyone who has experienced difficulties with the site over the last few weeks. A recent update seems to have upset how the theme works, hence it looks a little funky at the moment, and I am investigating an update to the whole look of the site to update things properly. We were also subject to a hack a...

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Upcoming Events

theREIGN have been very quiet in recent months, which has been slightly frustrating, but at the same time extremely useful, as my career change from Financial Services to School Teacher has taken up a lot of time and, truth be told, having the space to concentrate on that has been vital. As I try and settle into my new role (one term of NQT to...

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A Half Century of REs

First of all, just a brief note to apologise for all fans of theREIGN for the lack of updates here in quite some time. Simply put, life sometimes gets in the way and for various reasons, including but not limited to the final year or so of my degree, I just haven’t given the site the attention it deserves (although the calendar was always...

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Come On And Celebrate 2

We are delighted to announce that theREIGN’s 10th birthday concert, postponed in November 2012 has been re-arranged for Saturday 9 March 2013, at St Barnabas’ Church in Swanland, beginning at 6:30pm. Just like the original plan, musical support will be provided by local acoustic duo, Living Hope, and several former members of the band...

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